Is God a Moral Compromiser? Second Edition

Due to the substantive and substantial criticisms that have been made recently of my review of Paul Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster?, criticisms both of its content and its tone, I have been hard at work revising the review, removing all of my errors and any over-the-top rhetoric I may have used. I have tried to leave only what was substantive in the original. I’ve done this so that those who don’t wish to wade through my sarcasm can just get to the meat. The same distribution policy applies to this edition as to the last.

Right-mouse click and ‘save as’ to download.

I hope that this edition will prove more worthwhile than the first. (Note: there may be some self-deprecating humor involved in this post.)

By the way, here is the REAL second edition.

12 thoughts on “Is God a Moral Compromiser? Second Edition

  1. Well, I shall read your revised version. But who apart from other fundies takes Hays seriously? Am I missing something? Even at my hardest hard-core evangelicalism, I didn’t bother with his blog.

  2. Apparently Richard Hess takes him seriously. But I sure don’t. All this displays is that he can’t recognize self-deprecating humor when he sees it, likely because he doesn’t have any. The “second edition” is blank, because I took out everything that wasn’t substantive. 😉

  3. Thom, what you avoid is the basic anti Semtism and Jew Hatred in your work.

    Why would I say that?

    Because Jews wrote the material…it was Nietzsche who pointed out that if it was a lie, that if the prophets never spoke, then the Jews have perpetrated the worst fraud in history on mankind.

    Face it.

    If its a massive fraud, and we face potential nuclear conflict over it, civilization may be destroyed.

    That being the case, don’t you have to help stop the JEWS?

    Well, goy, don’t you?

  4. Ah, I see you are moderating…well, lets see how much moral courage you have and if you can take on my remarks.

  5. Is it just me, but when I download and view the PDF, the first few pages have text on them, but then the remaining 300 pages are just blank.

  6. Jason, see the third and fourth comments of this thread.

    I am working currently on the real second edition. 🙂

  7. Oh, got it. Sorry for the oversight Thom. Thank you.

  8. Of course you can’t respond, because you know the Jews committed fraud.

    The world may even be destroyed because of it.

  9. I am almost done reading your first review. I enjoyed the cutting tone. It moved me to buy your book for my Kindle. It is the next item on my reading list after finishing the review.

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