The REAL Second Edition: Is God a Moral Compromiser? A Critical Review of Paul Copan's "Is God a Moral Monster?"
Well, here is the "nicer" version of my review of Paul Copan's book. Hopefully this should be enough to prevent the apologists from focusing their responses on my "tone" rather than my substantive criticisms.

I've removed a number of the instances of incisive rhetoric; I've expanded my arguments in a number of places. I've included an extended response to Paul Copan's latest defense of his and Walsh's "give her a brazilian wax" reading of the "cut off her hand" law in Deut 25:11-12. I've included a summary of my critique of Richard Hess's "reading" of 2 Kings 3:27. I've added further evidence against Copan's misreading of the rape law in Deut 22:28-29. I've also expanded my arguments in some other places, cut down, refined, sharpened, and clarified other arguments. I've made a few corrections, particularly to my critique of Copan and Hess's attempt to use Rabbah and Zion to argue that Jericho and Ai were military garrisons or citadels, but I've also further clarified why their argument there is wrong. I've also added one or two new jokes.

My hope is that everybody finds this review useful. Download here: Is God a Moral Comrpomiser? A Critical Review of Paul Copan's Is God a Moral Monster? — Second Edition: Revised, Reduced, and Expanded

UPDATED 7/16/11 — several typos corrected, with thanks to John Kesler