Copan and Company, Part 1

Well, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Paul Copan’s response to my review of his book, and as I expected, he brought in reinforcements. I am glad he did so. I am glad to have the further opportunity to respond to Richard Hess’s arguments, and I am also glad that Matt Flannagan got to get his frustrations with me out in the open. It’s good for him; it’s good for me, and I think it’s right that readers should be aware of my flaws.

Anyway, I’ve written a response to each of the three posts that were published yesterday on Parchment and Pen. See footnote for their posts.1

Response to Matt Flannagan

Response to Paul Copan

Response to Richard Hess

  1. Read Matt Flannagan’s Response. Read Paul Copan’s Response. Read Richard Hess’s Response. [BACK]

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