It Is Well with My Soul

Jesus, why you so angry? We get it already. You have some problems with your religious leaders and institutions. But why you no focus on the positive? Why you always gots to be so negative? That whip ain’t very Christ-like, now is it? You’re obviously a very troubled soul. I pray for you. I hope you find the inner peace to just move on.



Someone I’ve never heard of has called me, and a friend of mine, and unspecified other trouble makers, troubled souls. He’s right, of course. And God save us from inner peace.




4 thoughts on “It Is Well with My Soul

  1. At first I thought it was a ficticious account of someone calling out Jesus for not having inner peace; then I found it was a real account of someone calling out you et al for not having inner peace (less inner peace than Jesus? I dont know). BTW, Are you writing a new book on why inner and outer pacifists get it wrong scripturally (even though the latter group is ethically right)?

    Muchos saludos


  2. wait. No this was my post. I am doing this from email so didn’t look at it, got it confused with the title of a guest post. So… You were saying…

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