Who Art in Heaven To Win Award at 46th WorldFest-Houston

I was fortunate enough to be able to make two films this past summer, both featuring my brother Jim. I’ve known for about a month that one of them, Revolution, is to win an award at this year’s WorldFest-Houston. But I’ve just this evening learned that the other one, Who Art in Heaven, will also be receiving an award at the 46th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. I’m very honored to have both of my entries this year receive an award, and that makes us three-for-three so far (with Note to Self’s Platinum Remi win at last year’s festival).

Revolution is not yet available for online viewing, but you can watch and download the trailer here. I am, however, proud to present Who Art in Heaven in its entirety below. It can also be downloaded for your personal collection here. If you choose to download the film, please consider leaving a donation in the Tip Jar beneath the video on the Vimeo page at the link.

Without further ado…

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  1. Yes. It does finally come to silence.


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