I Am a Terrorist Sympathizer
I am a terrorist sympathizer.

I sympathize with the women who live in poverty and fear, under the thumb of dictators installed by alien powers.

I sympathize with the clerics who have witnessed age-old traditions ravaged by exotic economic adventures.

I sympathize with the children taking cover from the cluster bombs excreted unblushingly by strange gods in the sky.

I sympathize with the kite-flying boys cut down by the toy airplanes of remote delinquent drones.

I sympathize with the rock-throwing boys who stand proud and fearless before the giant iron monsters menacing their playground.

I sympathize with the rock-throwing boys who trade their roadside games for roadside bombs.

I sympathize with the families who live huddled together in concentration camps on the fringes of a land that television tourists have the audacity to call holy.

I sympathize with the sanctioned, the starved, and the displaced, with the collateral damage of malnourished egos over-asserting themselves to their dogs.

I sympathize with the slaves who dream of enslaving their pale-skinned masters.

I sympathize with the orphan whose desperation and righteous indignation is manipulated by the affluent cowards who promise liberation from foreign occupation on the other side of someone else’s suicide.

I sympathize with the explosion that exposes the cynicism of the economics of exploitation.

I sympathize with the terrorists.

I sympathize with the terrified.

I sympathize with flesh and blood.

I do not sympathize with terrorism.

I do not sympathize with a terror state.

I do not sympathize with a government that would incarcerate its patriots for sympathizing with its victims.

I sympathize with the traitor, who stands naked as an enemy in his own homeland, because his own homeland betrayed him first.

I do not sympathize with those who take away our freedoms, after telling us our freedoms are the reason the terrorists hate us.

I sympathize with the terrorists who hate us because we have taken their freedoms from them.

I am a terrorist sympathizer.

And we are the enemy we seek.