Note to Self: A Film for James McGrath Fans

If you like James McGrath, you’ll love Note to Self. There are probably hundreds of reasons why that’s true, but here’s two: (1) James McGrath is a sci-fi fanatic, and Note to Self is a sci-fi film (well, at least according to one possible interpretation of the film). (2) James McGrath lives and teaches (and watches TV) in Indiana, and Note to Self is being shot in Indiana. In fact, the writer and director of Note to Self is a Hoosier and has the birth certificate to prove it. (Yeah, that’s me.)

Anyway, we’re shooting the film next month, starting November 1. That is, if funding comes through. So if you like James McGrath (or even if you just tolerate him), it’s a no-brainer. Contribute to Note to Self.

Here are some things you ought to know about contributing. First, if we don’t reach our $4000 goal by October 28, we get nothing, and you pay nothing. So when you donate, you’re not giving your money unless we reach our goal. So if you haven’t donated because you were afraid we’d get your money and still fall short of our budget, that’s not going to happen. That means, if you’re a grumpy cynic and you know that you know that we won’t reach our goal, you can go ahead and pledge $1000. If you’re right, your wallet stays padded. If you’re wrong, well, you’ve bought yourself a full producer credit and a role in the movie (among other goodies). $15 will get you a DVD of the film and a signed copy of the screenplay. More money will get you that and even more great stuff. Want to be an associate producer? Donate $50. (See the website or the fundraiser page for full details on the various rewards.)

You should also know that, because Note to Self is going to be entered into one or more film festivals, there’s a good chance we won’t be allowed to release it online until late 2012. But it’ll be in the bag by January 2012! So if you don’t want to wait a whole year to see it, go ahead and throw down fifteen smackers and you’ll get a copy of the DVD as soon as it’s ready. Think of it like an exclusive membership to my cult of personality.

The fundraiser ends soon, so act now. Do it because you like/tolerate James McGrath. Or do it because you love yourself and you know what’s good for you.

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