Is God a Moral Compromiser? (Kindle Edition)

A hard-working, anonymous person has gone to the enormous trouble necessary to convert a PDF file of a review I wrote of one of Paul Copan’s books into a .mobi file for use with Kindles (and I guess other mobile readers? or maybe not). I thought long and hard about putting it up on Amazon, but unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way for me to distribute the review on Amazon free of charge (to the reader). If anyone can prove me wrong, please do so.

Anyway, right-mouse click and save as on the following link to download your free Kindle edition of the book review, and give a big thanks to anonymous. No, not that anonymous. Well, you might want to thank them too, but for different reasons. Anyway, here’s the link:

One thought on “Is God a Moral Compromiser? (Kindle Edition)

  1. Thanks so much! This will be my best friend for my Old Testament class next semester.

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