Superman’s Blood Lust

While Denny Burk bemoans the fact that by making Batwoman a lesbian, DC is helping to make more culturally acceptable something that the Bible clearly calls “evil,” he forgets to mention that in their reboot DC also plans to have Superman and Lois Lane regularly engage in marital intercourse during her menstruation period. Now that’s taking the anti-biblical agenda one step too far, IMHO! Do you think Superman and Lois Lane are going to be executed for their sin? Exiled from Metropolis? I doubt it. More likely, Superman will continue to be portrayed as a pillar of virtue and Lois Lane will be the ever “faithful” wife. Before long, young married couples are not even going to feel a twinge of guilt about sexing it up during that time of the month. What’s next? Bestiality? Or worse yet, a long-haired Superman? This makes me sick to my stomach.

8 thoughts on “Superman’s Blood Lust

  1. Yeah, I was making an inside joke, actually. I have two copies of the Return, one for reading, and one still sealed in the white jacket. Point of fact, Batwoman has been a lesbian for a while too. This ain’t new news.

  2. Batgirl is a lesbian? Why sir, I am shocked and appalled. Or something like that. Or something not at all like that, more likely.

  3. Um…yeah….

    You guys are attacking commandments the scriptures CLEARLY write to Israel, but go ahead and repeat stupidity from atheist talking points websites instead of actually reading the book of Leviticus.

  4. Um… yeah….

    I’ve read the book of Leviticus. Seems you haven’t. Leviticus 18 and 20 both list sex with a menstruant among other “abominations” such as incest, bestiality, homosexuality, and witchcraft. Strikingly, no “purity” laws are listed in this list of abominations. Also strikingly, sex with a menstruant is listed with sins that are all said to have been committed by the Canaanites and provides justification for the Canaanite genocides. Leviticus 18 and 20 see sex with a menstruant as a sin on par with bestiality and witchcraft. I’m not taking anything out of context. Apologists try to shove some alien “context” into the text to justify their lust for sex with menstruating wives.

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