Barack Obama Resigns Office amid Scandal

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that U.S. President Barack Obama has officially announced his resignation from office effective immediately after widespread reports of scandal were confirmed today by Wikileaks. I have to say I’m disappointed but not surprised by this turn of events. I’ve read several articles covering this news but probably the one most dead on target is the AP report.

Of course, this is ballocks. Obama has not resigned; there is no scandal to speak of; I made it up. But now that I’ve got your attention, please take a few moments to read the details of my fundraiser for my debut short film, Note to Self, and consider becoming a contributor to the project. There are cool rewards for chipping in, and you’ll make me and Self one very happy individuals. See my post from yesterday here, and the official film website here.

Peace out.

8 thoughts on “Barack Obama Resigns Office amid Scandal

  1. Good luck with the movie. Then you could make one about Obama’s resignation, followed by Michelle Bachmann’s inaugural address praying to Chemosh

  2. Obama resigning no such luck – it is not just OBAMA we need to get rid of.

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