Copan and Company, Part 2

Read Matt’s Response Here First.

Well, just when I thought Matt and I were about to hit it off. Oh well, maybe next week.

I don’t have much to say in response to Matt’s narrative. I’ll just clarify a few things before offering my primary response. First, while I did call Matt “deluded” (though I clarified that I did not mean he was a delusional person), I never called him a “clown.” “Attack of the Clowns” was the title of one of my posts because the titles were following a Star Wars theme: “The Phantom Herring,” “Revenge on the Benjamites,” “Attack of the Clowns.” I made it very clear, however, that by titling my post “Attack of the Clowns,” I was not calling Matt a clown. It was meant to be a humorous jab at the idea that the Israelite soldiers were kid-friendly.

In addition to the email I sent Matt apologizing, I also posted a public apology on my blog.

In absolute honesty, I took the posts down because the discussion between myself and Matt’s wife Madeleine had become so heated that I thought it didn’t do her a service to be represented like that. I had gotten under her skin and it was showing (and it was my fault). That was my motivation for taking them down, good or bad, right or wrong.

I could respond to each of Matt’s claims. Many (though not all) of them are accurate, and there’s a much fuller picture, but really I think that’s between me and Matt. But I won’t respond to the claims. Here’s what I really wish to say:

Matt, once again I take full responsibility for the eruption and I regret it sincerely. I offer you my genuine apologies.

I hope that we can come to see past the past, and I hope that you will be able to read my current criticisms in the spirit in which they are honestly intended. Even if you disagree with my positions (although I do believe we were beginning to establish that we are closer than either of us had thought), and even if you disagree with my tenor, I hope our past interactions haven’t poisoned the well so much that you can’t see the heartfelt motives driving my work or see what’s substantive behind the confrontational tone.

I was wrong.

7 thoughts on “Copan and Company, Part 2

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  2. Hmmmm…always appreciate a good public apology especially one aimed at improving communication.

    But…my bs detector retains a slight waiving motion that is difficult to ignore. How is it that they can be offended by tone when others are offended by oh, I don’t know, GENOCIDE.

    What if Yahweh commanded Joshua to be viciously *sarcastic* in front of the Canaanites…and then thousands of years later, Thom Stark tours the world and murders every blogger who disagrees with him…including all of their extended families. “Your dad posted online…BIG MISTAKE.”

    You got under someone’s skin, Thom? The pen is truly mightier than the Hebrew swords getting under a great many someones’ skin, fat, muscle, internal organs, etc.

    Plank, meet speck.

    I recognize this isn’t a terribly productive point in terms of convincing an ideologically hostile audience who disagrees with every premise of the moral indignation, but at some level there is a pretty serious imbalancing of the scales going on here. Just sayin.

  3. Plank, meet speck.

    My thoughts exactly. Some people will excuse genocide and the abuse of slaves, but harsh tones … now you have gone too far!

  4. Um, gee, isn’t it very clear that this post isn’t addressing the Old Testament and interpreting the commands attributed to God, but just the dialogue between two people in conflict over the nature of that material.

    You guys are just being pedantic…

  5. Anthony, I don’t understand. What do you mean?

  6. This post is mainly about the politics of that discussion. I don’t know if you are a conservative Christian or not, but not liking or expecting a connection doesn’t make it invalid.


  7. It is noble of you to admit you may have been wrong… too bad that wont stop Matt and Madeline from acting so confrontational whenever someone disagrees with their silly position… All the best.

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